How to fix microstuttering in Fallout 3

I’m astounded by what a pain in the butt it is to run games on a PC every time I run into something like this, but I really shouldn’t be. The complexity is probably due to the fact that we’re dealing with a relatively open platform with an infinite array of configuration and combination possibilities. Anyway, let’s get into the details.

So – you love Fallout 3 (and Fallout Net Vegas, Oblivion, Skyrim, etc.), but you’re just so sick of dealing with that ugly, ugly microstutter effect. You know – the one that makes your game look like it’s trying to give you a seizure?

I was so happy to find out that a solution exists! Ever since I observed microstutter on Oblivion and found no real solutions to the problem, I just assumed I would have to live with microstutter wherever it occurred. Apparently it’s the fault of the gamebryo engine, upon which all of these games are based. Anyway, just yesterday I found this great mod for Fallout 3 to address the problem, and also found that such mods exist for these other games too! Sweet!

Install FOSE (fallout script extender) first:

  1. Go to the FOSE site and download fose_v1_2_beta2.7z
  2. Open the zip file and copy all of the DLLs and fose_loader.exe
  3. Go to your Fallout 3 program folder (the one with the main fallout3.exe) and paste these files here

Now, install the stutter remover mod:

  1. Go to the mod website and select FSR_4-0-7 under the downloads page
  2. Open the zip file and copy the folder called “Data”
  3. Go to your Fallout 3 program folder and paste this folder here (you may have to select “merge” if there’s already a data folder – just say “yes” to this)

Now to start Fallout 3, you just have to run “fose_loader.exe” instead of the normal exe. If you have a shortcut on your desktop or start menu, you can modify that shortcut to point to fose_loader. If you’re running steam, you can go into steam and “add a non-steam game” from the games menu, and point to fose_loader.

One other thing – if you have any saved games from before, you’ll need to move or copy those up one directory level or you won’t see them when you run fose_loader… and you’ll be really confused like I was.

  1. Open up: My Documents > My Games > Fallout 3 > saves > (username)
  2. Copy all your save games and .ini files
  3. Go up one directory (to My Documents > My Games > Fallout 3 > saves)
  4. Paste the files here

That’s it! Fire up Fallout 3 and behold smooth video!

Watch an example of this in action (link updated; old one no longer online) to get a sense for before and after.

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