Microsoft and video recording company Logitech have announced a new smartphone software suite called WKL that will make it easier to record 3D videos of your everyday life.

The company says the software, which it’s calling WKl Mobile, is designed to help video makers capture high-quality, 360-degree video in real time.

WK, as it’s known, is built on a suite of features that Logitech has already deployed on Windows 10 Mobile devices, including a dedicated camera and the ability to take screenshots.

Wk Mobile’s main goal is to help users capture 360-degrees of their everyday lives using cameras that have the capabilities of modern cameras.

WL is the first Windows 10 smartphone application to incorporate these new camera features, and the company says that the company plans to roll out new applications that integrate WK into its existing Windows 10 platform.

W KL Mobile will be available to developers for free starting in early 2018.

The company has said that W Kl Mobile has the potential to make it possible for anyone to capture high quality 3D 360-angle videos without needing to build a dedicated 3D camera.

The W K L Mobile app is free, but users can purchase premium versions that will allow the app to record 4K, 6K, and 10K resolution footage.

The app also has the ability, the company said, to stream high-definition video to other devices.

It also allows users to share the captured video with their friends, family, and family members.

The ability to share and view high-resolution videos with friends is a big feature, the Verge notes.

The software also supports recording videos to social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, and to the web.

It’s currently available only for Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

The app’s developers are promising that WK L Mobile will allow people to record and share their everyday life videos.

Logitech says that it has over 100 million active users, and that it plans to have around 2 million of those users download the app.

The developers also say that WL Mobile is currently available for free for developers and is being built for developers to integrate it into their existing apps.

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