A couple of weeks ago, I reported on a company called Dominion Software that was working on Windows 8.2 apps.

Today, I’m happy to announce that Dominion has also announced that it will be working on a Windows Phone app that will support Windows Phone OS 8.

It’s a pretty small app, so it’s still in early stages, but it will likely be available sometime this summer.

Dominion is a new company that has been set up to help developers build their apps for Windows 8 and 8.

The idea behind the company is that they will be able to build apps for both Windows 8 (and 8.x) and Windows 10 (and 10.1).

The company is using the name Dominion, and the idea is that it could be an “unified platform for Windows” that could be used by developers who are developing apps for a variety of platforms.

The company was founded by Matt Tipton, who previously worked at Microsoft and now works at Dominion.

The initial idea behind Dominion was to develop a Windows app for both Microsoft and Windows developers.

“We want to be able be a developer platform for all Windows users,” Tiptons said in an interview with Ars.

“And we want to create a Windows 10 app that’s cross-platform.”

The first step was to figure out what kind of Windows 8-specific apps could be built on the Dominion platform.

In order to make sure that they were cross-compatible, the company looked at the existing Windows 8 apps, but didn’t actually build them.

“They’re not really the right place for a Windows 8 app,” Triptons said.

Instead, the idea was to use the existing desktop apps that already existed for the platform.

This meant that developers could develop apps for the desktop, and that meant that they would need to create their own apps for those platforms.

For example, developers could have a Windows Desktop app that looked like Windows 8 Desktop app, but that app could also be Windows 8 Phone app.

The same idea would apply to apps for other Windows operating systems.

Developers could also develop Windows Phone apps that looked similar to Windows Phone Desktop app on Windows Phone.

So what this meant for Windows apps was that developers would be able create Windows apps that could work on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8 Plus devices.

Developers would have a complete cross-browser app ecosystem, and they would be free to develop for all of those platforms, but they would still have to work with Windows developers to build the apps that would run on those devices.

“That means we can bring a great app to all of these devices that can run on all of them,” Tippon said.

Domination’s Windows 8 Apps will be built using the Windows 8 SDK, which is already a great way to build Windows apps for different platforms.

It will also be able use existing tools that developers already use to build Android and iOS apps, and it will use the same Windows SDK tools that Windows Phone developers use.

It would not be possible to build an app for Windows Phone using the existing SDK tools, however.

Developers can still build apps with a new Windows Phone SDK, but only if they are using a new API that Windows developers use, like the Windows Phone API 5.0.

Domion is currently working on the first app, which will be an app that can be used to manage devices.

The Dominion team has created a prototype app called “The Dominion Desktop.”

The prototype app has an icon that looks like a Windows phone.

The developer is using a Microsoft-licensed template called “Windows Desktop” that is already available.

The team also created a logo that looks very similar to the Windows 10 logo, with a few tweaks.

In this first screenshot, you can see the Windows desktop icon.

The first icon in this screenshot is the Windows Desktop icon.

(Click the thumbnails for larger versions.)

The Domion Desktop app has a very simple user interface.

It only supports a single device, and its main navigation is to the device’s screen.

It also doesn’t support the new Windows Store.

“If you look at the icons for all the apps on this app, the Windows Store is the last icon that is on the app,” said Tiptson.

“It’s actually a really small app.

It has no app icons at all.

The icon is just the Windows icon.”

“The idea here is that we want a unified, universal experience across all of the Windows devices,” Tiltons said, adding that this will also help developers create cross-device apps.

“You’re going to see a lot of cross-devices apps,” he said.

“So we’re really looking at bringing a cross-app experience to Windows, and this will make it possible for developers to work on a wide variety of Windows devices.”

This could mean that Domion’s app

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