Music production software has long been a tool for creatives and record labels alike.

But it is now becoming a tool used by millions of artists, too, as they seek to connect with listeners.

This week, music producers, musicians and music businesses in the UK and US have begun using email marketing tools to boost their business and boost their brand.

Email marketing software is increasingly being used to increase engagement, reach and convert subscribers, according to a report by email marketing company Moz.

It found that 76% of its customers have purchased an email marketing solution, with over half of these customers signing up for it for the first time.

In the UK, for example, sales of music-related products have doubled over the past year, while sales of digital music have grown by around 5% annually.

In the US, where it is the norm to sign up for email marketing services, sales are down 4% year-on-year and digital music sales are up by 10%.

“The internet has made it possible for more people to connect, share and collaborate with others,” said Matt Jones, director of Moz’s email marketing service.

“This has created a whole new type of marketer that can tap into an existing audience and reach out to them.”

Moz said the growth of email marketing has been driven by two trends.

First, people are looking for a more personalized way to engage with their audience, said Jones.

“They don’t want to go through the hassle of reaching out to a network of people who know them and their music, who are already familiar with them, who can answer their questions and get their feedback.

They want to reach out directly to the person who is listening to their music.”

In the last five years, Moz has seen an increase in the number of email campaigns, including the likes of “Hear Me Now,” “Weird Al” Yankovic’s “In My Head,” and “Pixies,” among others.

More importantly, it said, email campaigns have become more personalized and more focused.

It said that email campaigns can be tailored to the audience and content that the company is trying to reach.

“Email campaigns are now being targeted to a different audience, different content and different users,” Jones said.

“They’re targeted to different users of the product, different audiences, different types of people.

And the more tailored the campaign is, the better the conversion rate.”

The number of people using email as a way to reach new fans is also on the rise.

Sales of email newsletters are up 50% from last year, according the Moz report.

And in 2017, more than 7 million people signed up for a newsletter that featured exclusive music videos and interviews, the report said.

The report also found that digital music has seen a dramatic increase in engagement.

The average amount of people signed on for an email newsletter in 2017 increased from about 1.6 to 2.3, while the average amount spent on an email subscription rose from $1.75 to $3.75.

The growth in engagement and engagement-boosting emails is helping Moz increase its email marketing efforts in 2017.

The company said that the average email marketing campaign is now 10 times more effective than the average trial.

The Moz survey also found the average monthly spend on a newsletter increased from $5.00 in 2015 to $11.00 this year.

“We’re seeing an increase [in emails] in terms of engagement,” said Jones, noting that people are more engaged and excited to learn about Moz’s services.

“That’s a really important metric to measure and track, and to understand where people are coming from and what their goals are,” Jones added.

“You need to be really good at getting people to pay attention to what you’re doing.

The more people you reach, the more people will buy from you.”

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