NFL owners will soon be able to use a software suite developed by a San Francisco-based startup called SolarWinds to install solar panels on the inside of stadiums, trackers and other public spaces, along with other facilities.

The new system is being billed as a “game-changer” for stadium owners who want to control the amount of energy generated by their stadiums, according to CEO Joe Schumann.

The NFL’s public-private partnership with SolarWind is being called “the first ever fully public-powered stadium” and includes funding from the league’s new “green” fund.

The deal is being led by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who will personally lead the league-owned initiative to develop the new system.

SolarWind has been working with the NFL since 2012, according a league official.

The company was founded in 2015 by Stanford University graduate student and former Stanford engineering professor Daniel Rauch.

The software was developed by Rauh’s former Stanford classmates who worked with the team on a “smart-grid system” for the stadium that helped them determine how to best use energy generated from the sun.

SolarWind uses algorithms to estimate how much energy is being produced and distribute it to the stadium.

The team also developed an interactive solar wind map that shows which spots in the stadium are producing the most energy.

Schumann said that SolarWind’s new software will help the NFL develop its own strategies to manage its energy.

“We’ve been working closely with the league to understand how they’re going to be using this energy, and the technology is really helping us figure that out,” Schumann told reporters at a news conference on Monday.

“It’s really helping them understand where they’re putting the most amount of money in, where they can optimize that energy.”

The NFL already has solar wind technology installed at the Denver Broncos’ Mile High Stadium in Denver.

Schoenig said that the league will also be using solar wind to generate energy from the stadium to power its football facilities, where solar panels generate electricity from solar panels located on the roof.

Solar wind panels can generate up to 20 times the amount the NFL can use to power their football facilities using the energy generated at Mile High.

The Broncos and other NFL teams are currently the only ones who use solar wind at their stadiums to generate electricity.

Schönig said the NFL expects that number to grow dramatically in the future.

The league is looking to expand its use of solar wind power to other sports stadiums.

Schulz said that this includes the use of the technology to power “tents, showers, water treatment systems, and even parking garages.”

SolarWind said it will work with stadiums across the NFL to develop and implement the software.

Solarwind is expected to have its first public launch in January.

Schoenig and Rauach did not disclose how much the NFL will pay for the new solar-powered technology, but Schoenigs company said in a statement that the company expects to generate $150 million to $250 million in revenue from the technology over the next three years.

Schönig told reporters that the NFL was “really excited” to be partnering with Solarwind, and that the new product will “provide real value for the league and its stakeholders.”

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