Apple announced its latest wearable, the Apple Watch, at its Worldwide Developers Conference today.

The company also unveiled new hardware accessories for its smartwatch, including the Beats 2 earbuds and Beats 2 stereo speakers.

The new Apple Watch is the third iteration of the device.

It comes with the same basic features as the original model, including a curved display, a small battery, and a GPS module that helps track your location.

It also supports the Apple Pay payment system.

But it does include an updated version of the iPhone 6, the iPhone SE, and the iPhone X. The new models also support the Apple CarPlay platform and support cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity.

While the new Apple Watches will cost more than the older models, the price will be slightly less.

The Apple Watch Sport model will be $129, while the Sport Plus model will cost $129 with an 18-karat gold gold band, $179 with a 24-karatan gold band.

The Sport 3 and Sport 4 models will be priced at $179 and $179, respectively.

Apple also introduced a new design language for the Apple Watchers, with the new colors and patterns.

The watch faces are now available in four colors: white, black, blue, and red.

In addition, the company is releasing new colors, too.

A new gold color will be available starting today, which will also be available on the new white and black models.

Apple says that the new watch faces will have the most customizable look.

The company also announced the Apple TV 4K set-top box.

It’s a $59.99 device, which includes a 4K OLED TV, a 4-megapixel camera, a HDMI port, and 802.11ac Wi-fi.

The box also includes the AppleCare+ online service, which can be used to pay for AppleCare, AppleCare+, or AppleCareplus.

The device will also come with an Apple Pencil and Apple Pen Touch stylus, which are already available on most Apple devices.

The TV comes with 4G LTE, and it supports streaming video, audio, and more.

The Apple Watch will be made available for purchase on August 1.

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