article Posted May 14, 2019 02:04:37By default, the GK60-series keyboards, mice, and gamespads come with an Ethernet jack.

However, these ports are not required for the gamepad to function.

You can turn this off if you prefer.

For example, if you’re using a wired gamepad and the game does not recognize the wireless jack, you can turn it on and turn it off via the settings menu.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to change this default behavior.

Before you begin, you’ll need to install the software listed below to perform these changes.

This can be found on your router or other device and it’s free.

The software should not be installed automatically.

If it is, you may need to uninstall it first.

The instructions below are applicable to the Asus GK62-series keyboard and mouse.

If you’re looking for a different keyboard and/or mouse, the Asus Ducky Mouse is available in a number of different models.

If you want to find a specific model that’s compatible, please refer to the article below.

To configure the default behavior, follow these steps:First, select the “Custom” button on the left side of the Asus Setup Menu.

Select the “GK60” option from the dropdown menu.

Under the “Settings” tab, you will see a new check box.

Under “Enable” select “Turn on Ethernet”.

Under “Change settings” select the button labeled “Configure”.

The default configuration of the Gk60-6A keyboard and GK120-series mouse should be enabled.

However if you do not want to disable the default configuration, you should set the “Disable” option to “0” in the “Change” box.

The “Enable default” setting will take effect when the default settings are changed.

You may also change these settings at any time by pressing the “Config” button.

In the “Connect” box, enter the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your gaming network and click “OK”.

If you see the following message:If the device’s MAC address is 0x10de, then it is a GK121-series.

If the MAC address in the following line is 0xc0000, then the device is a GS61-series or higher.

The following lines are not valid if the device isn’t a GKN60 or higher, because the “Enable Default” setting is disabled.

The device may not have an Ethernet port on it.

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