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Read moreIf you’ve ever wanted to edit a video, or to change the mood of a video – well, now you can.

Nowadays, the only way to edit video is via the internet and that’s not going to change any time soon.

But the video editing software companies that exist are not happy about that.

And now there’s a new app that promises to let you edit and save the most beautiful videos you’ve seen on the web.

Free Video editing app called Redragon aims to give you the freedom to edit and create the most breathtaking videos.

Redragon will let you upload your own original video, edit it and share it on your favourite social media platforms.

The app is a collaboration between the video company Redragon and the film production company The Weinstein Company.

You’ll get access to all the editing tools Redragon has to offer, including editing effects and color correction.

Redragon will also let you share your creation on social media and send it to the people you love, and even send them your own clips.

The creators say Redragon is “designed for the creative and the creative person”, with a “simple, powerful and powerful user interface that makes it easy to create amazing videos”.

The creators of Redragon have been working on Redragon for about a year, and it’s the first time it’s been released to the public.

You can sign up to get your free trial now.

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