Former CIA director Michael Hayden on Friday said President Donald Trumps “disgusted” decision to use the CIA to spy on the Trump transition team.

Speaking at the American Enterprise Institute’s (AEI) Annual Dinner, Hayden said that he was surprised to hear the President call the CIA a “failing mess” and that the CIA should be abolished.

“It’s just a waste of money,” Hayden said.

“It’s an agency that’s overworked, underfunded, understaffed, under-resourced, undertrained.

So the idea that you could just say ‘I’m going to go down and take a look at it’ is disgusting.”

Hayden said the CIA has “no real oversight whatsoever.”

“It has no real accountability whatsoever.

It’s basically a collection agency that does not actually do anything,” he said.”

And the reason that is, is that you can’t really get a fair shake.

And that’s what’s going on.”

Haynes said he believes the President is “very much in the business of being a businessman” and is “looking at a lot of the business that he sees in Russia, and the business interests that he perceives in Iran and in North Korea, and so on.”

“So it’s not like the CIA is doing a very good job.

I mean, they have a good mission, but the mission is not very well-supported.

They’re very much a collection organization,” Hayden added.”

There are people out there that are very angry about it.

I think they’re very angry at the CIA.

I’ve had a lot more of that myself.””

But the bottom line is the CIA does a very lousy job.

They have no real oversight.

They are not accountable to Congress, and they are not able to do a very accurate job of protecting national security,” Hayden told the audience.”

They are so corrupt and they have no credibility.

I’m very disappointed in what’s happened to the CIA.”

Hayes was responding to a question about whether Trump’s actions would hurt U.S. relations with Russia and the Kremlin.

Hayden said he thinks Trump is “absolutely” trying to hurt the relationship between the United States and Russia and “we’re going to be on the losing side of this fight.”

“I think he is looking at what is the right way to approach the situation, and I think he’s very much in that business,” Hayden concluded.

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