By now, you’ve probably seen the announcement from the folks behind Sage Software that it has acquired Unity Technologies, the makers of the popular game engine.

The announcement comes on the heels of a $5.5 million Series B round led by Founders Fund and others.

It was announced on Wednesday that the two companies will work together on a “game development platform for mobile” called Sage Platforms.

The platform will allow developers to create games that run in the browser or on mobile devices, and also work with the Sage team to build games for the platform.

This move marks a step toward Sage’s long-term vision of creating the next generation of social gaming experiences.

It’s a move that may help drive Sage’s continued growth, as well as a way to make it easier for the company to compete with other startups and open source developers.

While Unity Technologies’ technology is now the go-to platform for the likes of games like Guild Wars 2, the team behind Sage has been working on building a different engine that would enable it to compete against more traditional game engines.

“We’re going to be building a game engine that we can compete with any other engine, but one that can actually scale to the amount of resources we need,” said Sage founder and CEO Aaron Trombley.

“It’s a game-on-a-device platform that’s going to allow us to build, say, a real time multiplayer game, or a massively multiplayer game in real time.”

While Sage’s game engine is still in the early stages of development, Tromble says that its technology is already being used by game developers, including Blizzard Entertainment.

He says that it’s also being used to build “a game-specific AI” for real-world multiplayer games.

“The big change is that now we’re going through this next generation, we’re starting to build this kind of AI that’s actually going to play with the game, interact with it, and learn about it,” Trombly said.

And it will learn about the game so that it can better learn and adapt to the game.”””

The AI is going to interact with the AI.

And it will learn about the game so that it can better learn and adapt to the game.””

It really is going in the right direction,” said Kevin Trombles, a Sage developer and founder of Sage.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a technology like that.

I think there’s going be more and more of these AI-based, social-centric games that have AI in them.”

Trombles said Sage has a very strong relationship with the Unity team, and the partnership will allow it to continue building on Unity’s technology.

“You can bet that the Unity folks are going to have a big hand in the Sage Platform,” Tombles said.

Trombley said that the partnership is just the beginning.

Sage will continue to work with Unity in other ways as well, such as on game-making tools.

The Sage team also plans to make its own proprietary game engine for mobile that it hopes will allow the Sage platform to be used by the likes and brands of Facebook, Google, and Apple.

“We think this is going a long way towards becoming the next platform,” Tormbley said.

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