A new app that lets users write, edit and share documents with a simple touch of a button is coming to the iOS platform.

The app, called Docs, is being developed by the Australian Education and Research Council (AERC) and has been in development for about a year.

The App Store listing includes a link to download the app and a video demonstrating how to use the app.

Docs uses a standard user interface to help users share documents and notes, as well as annotate documents, including annotations and notes from other people, with their touch.AERB’s chief technology officer, Adam Johnson, said the app was designed to help students with their work on the side.

“Docs is a way of making things simple for students to get into writing and editing their documents,” Mr Johnson said.

“It is also an educational tool to help them get a feel for what they are doing and where they can find help.”

The app allows you to write, copy and share your documents with other people in your work group, which will allow them to get to know each other and to see the same things.

“There is a lot more that you can do with the app, including creating and editing documents and annotating them.”

This is just the beginning of how this app can be used.

“Mr Johnson said the application could be used in schools or at universities.”

As students get more comfortable with this, they will be able to write and edit more documents and this will enable them to create more effective documents and better help students achieve their goals,” he said.

Mr Johnson also said the tool could help schools and universities to make changes to how students work.”

One of the things that has been really encouraging about Docs is that students are able to work collaboratively to make decisions, rather than just one person making decisions for everyone,” he explained.”

If a student has been doing a project that involves some sort of collaboration, they can use Docs to make that project more efficient.

“I think the app will be great for schools and colleges and universities because it’s just a simple way of getting things done.”

And for me it is a really great way to work with colleagues who have a lot of different interests and different skill sets and different needs and needs to work together on a project.

“Read more about app:

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