Apple has rolled out the latest iOS 9 software update to its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, with some minor improvements to Apple’s camera software.

Apple has confirmed that the update for iOS 9 is now available to download for the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE.

The update, which was previously available to iPhone 6 users in the US, is a significant upgrade to iOS 9, which includes the Apple Pencil for FaceTime, a new Camera app, a revamped Siri interface, and a revamped Maps app.

The biggest new addition is a new camera app for iPhone 6, which allows users to take photos and videos with the new hardware.

Apple has also improved the way that the camera app can track images, as it now takes photos at a lower resolution than the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, so that the app can be used to capture more detailed photos.

The updated iPhone 6 camera app, iOS 9 beta 9, will also include a new feature called “Flexible Lens”, which allows iPhone 6 owners to take up to three photos at once, and can be set to take a single photo in either landscape mode or portrait mode.

Flexibility for the new iPhone 6 includes new options to take more photos at the same time, which can be useful for people who have a wide range of different subjects to photograph.

This allows the new camera to capture photos with fewer frames to reduce the number of lines and other elements in the photo.

Apple says the new photo mode for the camera can also be used for portrait photography, but there are a few issues that users will need to know about before using this feature.

“Flexibilty is a feature that makes it easy to capture multiple images at the time,” Apple wrote in a blog post.

“The feature requires the camera to be in a pose or pose mode and to be zoomed into an area to capture a full photo.”

This means that it is “not possible to capture all of the scene you want in a single shot, but you can use Flexibilty to capture the most important details of your subject.”

“Flimsy” is a word Apple uses to describe a photo taken in one single exposure, but it is not exactly the same thing.

The new photo feature is not limited to taking a single picture, as Apple says it can take a series of photos with different settings.

This means, for example, that if you are taking a series in landscape mode, and then want to take another series in portrait mode, you can still use Flexible Lens to capture both of these images, but at a higher resolution than before.

For those who are wondering, Apple has added a third lens mode to the iPhone camera app.

This third lens can be selected to take one photo at a time, and is available in either portrait or landscape mode.

If you are worried about your iPhone camera taking too many shots of the same object, you may want to turn off Flexibility, as the new lens mode will only take photos with a fixed aperture, so it will not distort your photos.

Finally, the iPhone Camera app has been redesigned to make it easier to use, and Apple has updated the camera control app to bring it up to date with the latest camera technology.

The iPhone Camera control app has also been updated, to bring you more of an overview of what you can control with the iPhone, including the iPhone’s camera app settings, the ability to take selfies, the exposure control options, and more.

Apple also released iOS 9 for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S users on Thursday.

The update includes several bug fixes and performance improvements, but will only roll out to those with a carrier-specific version of iOS 9 installed.

The release of iOS 8.3 is also expected to bring an overhaul of the way Apple stores apps in iOS, and this should help reduce the need for a carrier lock-down.

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