The NFL has proposed that players must wear helmets while playing at the stadium and if they fail to wear them they would face a $100 fine and a two-game suspension.

“The NFL has identified the potential for the impact of helmet wearing on concussions, which can be severe,” the league said in a release.

“The league has also determined that the current protocol does not provide enough protection against head injuries.

The current protocol should be reviewed and updated, and helmets should be mandated.”

The NFL also proposed that teams would be required to use concussion-related equipment at practice and games.

It proposed mandatory testing for all players and would require teams to report concussions to the league.

The NFLPA said the proposal would create more confusion for players, coaches and trainers, who could be faced with two different rules, with players and coaches not wearing helmets.

The players union said it supports the league’s proposal.

“We’re pleased that the NFL is taking a strong stand to address the risks of concussions and the need for helmets,” the union said in statement.

“We look forward to working with the league and its officials on how to implement this proposal.”

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