Google’s email app is one of the best-selling Android apps of all time.

But it’s also the only one that uses the same Gmail API for its email and calendar apps, meaning there’s no easy way to add third-party apps.

The result is that, for some users, it feels like a complete nightmare to get their email and calendars synced to Gmail.

The company is planning to roll out an upgrade to make it easier to sync to the new APIs, but this won’t come for a while yet.

Read moreGoogle has announced that it’s updating Gmail to the Google API 3.0, a version of the API that includes a few features that make it easy to sync your email and Calendar to Gmail for the first time.

While Google hasn’t shared details about what these features are, the company says they include the ability to use an RSS feed for incoming emails and calendar events, and a calendar widget.

But Google isn’t making it easy for users to sync either of those.

“The main focus of the upgrade is to make the experience of syncing more intuitive for users,” the company wrote on the company blog.

“We’re also making it easier for users with older versions of the Gmail app to upgrade to the latest version.”

Google hasn of course also rolled out the new API on Android 2.3, which also adds a calendar app widget, but that version is still in beta and doesn’t support third-parties.

Google has also recently rolled out Gmail on iOS, which includes a calendar and email app widget.

In short, Google’s Gmail app is far from perfect, and users can still upgrade their email app from Gmail 2.x to Google API 2.0 with ease.

However, Google says the upgrade will take some time, and the company is currently planning to introduce an upgrade that will bring Gmail 3.x compatibility for new users.

If you’re on Android 3.1 or higher, this should be the easiest upgrade to go through.

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