BMW will soon roll out a software update for its driver-less cars that will help them keep up with the speed of traffic.

The software update will let cars control themselves in situations where they would be unable to drive themselves.

The update will not change the way the vehicles drive themselves, which is what’s required for autonomous driving.

It will just allow them to drive where they want.

That is because the cars are not being driven by people.

They are being controlled by software.BMW’s head of autonomous driving, Christoph Häuser, says it is an important step towards a future where we can have a car that is truly autonomous.

“We want to make it as easy as possible to have a driverless car that will be able to drive safely and efficiently, as well as able to perform certain tasks in the road,” he said.

“In this new scenario, we need to ensure the safety and reliability of the autonomous vehicle.

We want to reduce the number of crashes.”

Häuser says the update is designed to help drivers learn to drive in a way that is easier for them to control than the way they drive themselves today.

“The driverless driving is very different from what we have today.

It’s an important change.

It is not an incremental change, it is a big step forward,” he says.

The driver-to-passenger system that will take over the steering wheel of the cars will still be able, for now, to keep up.

It has already had a couple of runs, and there will be more.

But it is not clear how much the update will help people in the car, because the software will still not be able control the car itself.

That means that the cars might still need to be driven by a human, or a robot.

And Häusers hopes that the update, which will be rolled out gradually over the next couple of years, will have an impact on the way people drive their cars.

“I think we will be seeing a big impact, because we have a very high level of confidence that the driverless systems can operate in a more autonomous manner,” he told the German broadcaster ARD.

The updates are expected to cost BMW about $40 million, although Häümer says it will be around $30 million in the long run. 

The update is one of several software updates that BMW has announced this year.

It was also one of the main features announced by Tesla during the company’s announcement of its first self-driving car in California.

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