Google is likely to take action against Android apps that have been removed from the Google Play Store by third parties, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Google will probably also start to penalise those that have made malicious use of third-party apps, these sources said, adding that the company is not ruling out removing apps from Google Play entirely.

While Google hasn’t said exactly what action it plans to take against app developers that use third-parties’ apps, a source familiar with its thinking said the company might consider banning the use of these apps in its apps.

Google has been the target of a slew of apps that used third-Party Android apps to steal Google accounts and access to sensitive information, including the ability to access Gmail accounts.

Google said in a blog post on Monday that it was “actively reviewing” third- party apps that were targeting its users and that it’s looking into other solutions to the problem.

“The Android Play Store is designed to support apps, so we will be actively reviewing apps in order to make sure they are compatible with our apps and are in compliance with our Developer Guidelines,” a Google spokesperson said in the post.

Google Play is used by a number of third parties and is used for a variety of things, including games, music, and social media.

In the past, Google has also removed apps that infringed its intellectual property, such as an app that stole user data and a bot that stole Gmail accounts, according the source.

In January, the company removed more than 300 Android apps after it learned that some of these developers were using Google Play’s developer APIs to steal their users’ passwords and other sensitive information.

Google has also been the subject of criticism in the past for making bad decisions when it comes to third- parties using its services.

In April, Google said it would remove apps from its store if they infringed on Google’s intellectual property.

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