The new Windows 10 operating system has many security features to protect you from the malicious programs and viruses that infect your computer.

However, there are some security features that have to be installed first before you can download and install them.

How to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10 1.

Go to Start Menu and click on the Start button.

This will bring up a menu with options for the most important items to click on. 2.

Click on Advanced.


Click the Security tab.


Click Browse.


Click Next.


Select the security features you would like to install.


Click Install.


Wait for the installation to complete.

You will see a message stating that the security software is installed.


Now you can start the program by going to Start menu and clicking on the Windows button.


Now, go to Control Panel and select Control Panel.


Right-click the Windows icon and select Properties.


In the Properties dialog box, click on Security Options.


In Security Options, select Security Configuration and click OK. 14.

In Control Panel, select Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Security Settings, and Security Properties.

Click OK to close.


Now go to the Security Settings tab and check the box to add the security settings for the computer.


Now click the Security button and the Security Configuration tab will open.


In this tab, click the Add button.

You can select whether or not to add a custom certificate, a signature, and a key for the certificate, if you would prefer to install these.


You may also want to configure a password manager for this computer.

In addition, you may want to add an additional certificate, key, and certificate for this PC. 19.

Now right-click on the Certificate icon and click Add.


This opens a dialog box asking you whether or no you want to set a password.

Click Yes.


Now in the Certificate dialog box type the name of the certificate and the name that the certificate will be used for.


In other words, the name you enter will be shown in the Certificates section.


Click Save Changes.


You should now see the new certificate and certificate icon.

If the certificate does not appear in the certificate dialog box for some reason, try changing the value of the Certificate type to something else, such as Basic or Extended.


You might also want the Windows Update checkbox checked, because Windows 10 includes Windows Update.


If you would rather install the new security features and the certificate or the signature from a third party, click OK and then close the security options.


You need to install the Windows 10 Security Configuration (if you would need it) first.

You do this by right-clicking on the Operating System tab and selecting Properties.28.

In Computer Configuration click on Administrative Template.


In Administrative Templata, click Install Windows Updates.


You must select the Operating system from the list.

If it does not look like the operating system you want, you can choose another.


Click Finish.


Now the Security Setup will start.

In case you have installed the Microsoft Windows Defender, you need to restart the computer and then click Start.


The new security settings will be listed under Security Settings.


In General, click Advanced.

Then click Advanced Settings. 

You will see two settings: General, and Advanced Security Settings .


The General setting is the setting that you can change in this tab.

In your Security Settings settings, you want General to be selected.


Click Advanced. 

This will bring you to your Advanced Settings page.

In here you can set a default security configuration that you want installed.

Click Add. 

 This opens a new window and asks you whether you want this configuration to be enabled or disabled.


In Advanced Security settings, click Disable. 

The Advanced settings page then asks you which settings to disable.

Click Disable.


This is the default setting.

Click Start.

The Windows 10 icon will appear in your system tray.


After the operating systems is installed, it is time to open a file browser to navigate to the new operating system.


In File Explorer, click File.


If Windows 10 has already been installed, click Yes.

The file explorer window will open and then open a new tab, called Advanced.

In the Advanced tab, choose General and then Advanced Settings to change the General security configuration.


In that Advanced Settings window, choose a custom file type for the file explorer.

Choose a file type that includes a .txt extension.


In Options, click Browse. In

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