Software developer SwiftKey is adding a new feature to its iOS app called Passcode Lock.

The feature lets you enter your password into an iPhone 5 or iPad Pro, then use a Passcode-protected iPhone to unlock your device.

SwiftKey says that the new feature is similar to the one found in Android’s Passcode lock, but it adds new security features and a few additional features that Apple has never offered.

SwiftyKey’s PassCode Lock lets you securely enter a new password for an iOS device, and once you’ve entered the new password, you can unlock it by swiping up from the bottom of the screen with your thumb and releasing it with the other.

The new feature requires you to enter your PIN or fingerprint on the home screen and then unlock the device.

If you use an iPhone with Touch ID and swipe to unlock, SwiftyKey says it can use the fingerprint data from your fingerprint to unlock the iOS device with the passcode lock feature.

This allows you to use your iPhone to take a photo of your home screen, for example, without ever having to tap the Home button.

SwiftyKeys Passcode locking feature is available on iOS and Android, but there is currently no Android version.

SwitKey is a small company, and it has been around for a while, but this is its first time adding a PassCode lock feature to an iOS app.

Apple has previously introduced Passcode locks in its iOS apps, but they only work with iOS devices that support them.

SwiftKey hopes to have an iOS version of its PasscodeLock feature ready for the general public by the end of the year.

Swiss developer and iOS developer Max Schilder says the feature is important because of its security implications.

He says the key is a security lock that requires both the fingerprint and the passphrase to unlock.

He told us that this makes it much easier to enter and use a new passphrase than with a PIN.

If a person uses an iPhone, and then goes to Apple’s website and tries to unlock it, the lock screen shows an error message saying the unlock method isn’t supported.

This message appears if the lock mode is “Secure” and the phone has a passcode.

This lock mode does not require a PIN, but users must enter the password to unlock an iOS phone.

Swifttkey’s Passcodes feature is designed to protect your iPhone and iPad against hacking attempts, but also to protect it from the theft of your data.

It can be used to prevent unauthorized access to your data, and also to store your personal information securely.

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