A number of Android phones have seen some kind of upgrade in recent years, but there’s a lot more than just a couple of features on display.

One of those is a suite of mobile-focused software that lets you customize the look and feel of your smartphone.

And the newest app to get a makeover is Landscape Design Software.

It was launched earlier this year, but it’s been in beta since August.

It offers a wide variety of features, from widgets to filters, and even a wallpaper generator that lets users tweak their wallpaper.

Landscape Design lets you choose from more than a dozen pre-built wallpapers, and each has a color scheme, size, and icon.

To get started, users tap on the icons in the app and it takes them to a menu.

There, they can choose to save a preset, or they can create one by adding their own themes.

When a preset is created, a preview window opens.

Once it’s opened, you can tweak the wallpaper as you like, and it’ll update as the new wallpaper is updated.

The preset editor lets you pick the color palette, size and shape of the icons, and you can even change the background color of the images.

There are also preset templates that you can import into the app, and if you’ve used the preview window before, you’ll probably be able to see the difference.

You can choose between a variety of wallpapers on the Landscape Designs screen, and the ones you create can be saved as a wallpaper, too.

While it’s not exactly what you’d expect from a free app, Landscape is a step up from other wallpapers you’d find in the Google Play store.

If you want a more premium experience, though, you’re going to need to pay.

Landscapes wallpaper is free, but you can pay to add additional widgets and filter options, as well as to purchase additional themes.

The price is $1.99 per hour, which means it’s more than worth it for a few minutes of extra customization.

If that sounds like a lot of money, though (it is), Landscape costs $0.99/hour, which works out to $1 per hour.

For more on smartphones, check out our Android roundup.

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