If you’ve been paying attention to the political battles raging in Washington, you may have heard the news that the IRS is facing a series of deadlines to file its reports on its audits of the tax software company Patriot.

The deadline for the software company is on Wednesday, May 5th.

The IRS is currently under pressure to produce information about whether or not taxpayers have been incorrectly claimed deductions, tax credits, exemptions and credits, and refunds.

Patriot has said that it is working on the reports and that it would like to submit them before the deadline.

The tax software industry is in a difficult position in this situation.

The software company has been under intense pressure to provide information in the last few weeks.

As a result, its software has been used by the IRS to file hundreds of thousands of tax returns.

Some have criticized the software for not being able to adequately process some of the thousands of cases that it has already processed.

The company has said it is looking into the issue.

The software company’s CEO, David C. Karp, has said he expects the IRS and other tax software companies to have to do a better job in the coming months.

Karr has called the IRS’ actions “very disruptive,” and said that they could result in a loss of millions of dollars in revenue.

“They have put the taxpayers at risk,” he said in an interview with CNBC.

“We are not in a position where we can get this done.

We need the industry to come together and be more collaborative.”

The IRS’ decision to close the Patriot reporting window is a blow to the software industry.

If the IRS doesn’t make good on its threat to close Patriot’s reporting window, the software firms could lose millions of taxpayers.

The Patriot tax software business, which makes software for corporations and other business, is valued at about $2 billion, according to the company.

Its software is used by more than half a million businesses and individuals, according, to the Washington Post.

The Tax Policy Center, an independent nonprofit that advocates for a simpler tax system, said in a report last month that Patriot should have filed its tax returns by April 15.

If it didn’t, that would have meant it was eligible for $7.6 billion in refunds that the agency is now trying to claw back from the software firm.

The news that Patriots tax software is in jeopardy has come as a shock to the business community, which had been optimistic that the tax code would change after the election.

“I think it is a bit of a wake up call for a lot of the business groups,” said Steven Shapiro, president of the National Taxpayers Union.

Patriot’s Tax Software Business Has Been Under Assault From the Beginning of Election The Patriot Tax Software business has been one of the fastest-growing tax software firms in the country for years, and was worth about $1.4 billion as of April 30, according the Tax Policy Association.

Its revenue in 2015 was about $20 million.

The company had a revenue of about $17 million in 2015.

That revenue, however, was down from $20.6 million in 2014.

It had about $4.3 million in the bank at the end of March.

The Tax Policy Actuary of the IRS estimates that it should have received $14.6 in refunds in the first year of its reporting window.

The IRS is appealing the decision to the IRS Appeals Board, which has not yet issued a decision.

The tax software firm said in its filing with the IRS that it was disappointed in the agency’s decision.

“As we have said many times, we are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations, and our software is designed to help our clients avoid unnecessary burdens on taxpayers,” the company said.

“Patriot is committed to serving our customers.”

Patriots Revenue Drops From $19.7 Billion to $14 Million The Patriots revenue dropped from about $19 billion to $13.7 million last year, according company records.

Patriots said it expected revenue in 2019 to be about $15 million, which it expects to get back from 2020.

The revenue decline was significant because of the election of President Donald Trump, who has called for a major overhaul of the country’s tax code and has been pushing for major tax reform for years.

Patriots revenue is expected to be a lot lower in 2020, the Tax Policies Association said.

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