Developers from Epson, the makers of a home security software, are offering their software as a property maintenance tool for homeowners in New Jersey.

Epson Scanner is a property-management software that uses sensors, cameras and smart meters to manage property data and manage security.

The software was designed for home owners who want to manage security of their home and their home’s data, such as water pressure and smoke detectors, in real time.

The Epson Scanners uses proprietary software and sensors to track and monitor home and property data, including heat, humidity and air temperature.EPG’s home maintenance and data management software, which is called Epson SecureWorks, is being used by several major companies and governments.

The company said its EPG SecureWorks software, along with its other products and services, are available in several languages including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, French and German.

The software has already been downloaded by more than 12 million customers, EPG said in a press release on Monday.

It said the software is also being used in countries around the world including the U.S., France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and the U-Korea.

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