If you own an Android smartphone, chances are you have a camera that can be hacked, but the problem is a lot more common on iOS and Android, according to a report from cybersecurity researcher Brian Krebs.

While there are a few ways to secure your device’s camera, Krebs says that the most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to worry about it when it’s locked down, or even when you don and it’s unlocked.

The most common ways to keep cameras from being hacked include:Lock down the camera to a password and never change the password after you get it.

You should never leave the phone unattended while you’re at work, and never leave your phone in a dark place without an AC outlet plugged in.

Always lock your device in a locked room.

Never leave the camera plugged in for more than 5 minutes.

Never take photos of yourself or other people while your phone is locked.

When you have access to the phone, don’t let the phone’s camera be remotely accessed.

Don’t leave your device unlocked or unlocked in a pocket or bag.

If you are trying to hide your device from your friends or family, you should always be at a safe distance from it.

And when you have it locked in a drawer or a bag, make sure the drawer or bag is locked so no one can pick it up.

If you don.t lock the camera down and leave it unattended, it can still be hacked if you can get a copy of the lock file from the camera company or by reading a locked file that was written on the camera.

You can do that through a USB thumb drive or by installing a USB-Tegras tool that can read the lock files.

Once you have the file, it’s a little more difficult to get to the camera’s camera memory card.

But, if you’re a professional or have an iPhone, you can usually get the camera card from a carrier.

Krebs points out that this isn’t always the case, but that it can happen if you don or you leave your camera unlocked.

For example, if someone gets a hold of your phone and tries to take photos, the camera memory will contain the photos you took and will be able to be used in other ways.

You could also try to unlock the camera with your phone, but this is probably not a very secure option, since the attacker will have access at any time.

If this happens, Krebbs suggests that you leave the device unlocked, so it doesn’t need to be locked down when you leave.

If the thief is able to read your lock file, they could get ahold of the camera and steal your pictures, or the attacker could get the lock data from the lock company and then read the file.

If the thief can read your camera’s memory card, they might also be able read the camera itself, which could also be vulnerable to hacking.

Kamal Ramesh/CNET/REX/Shutterstock If you have an Android phone that has been locked down or is unlocked, KreBS recommends that you do all the following:Lock the camera up.

The only way to protect your camera is to not leave it unlocked or unattended.

Keep your phone unlocked at all times.

Make sure that the camera has the appropriate password.

If your camera has been unlocked but not locked down (like when it was being used for social networking or gaming), you should also lock it down to the password that was on the card when you first bought it.

If not, you could try to hack it.

If your camera can’t be unlocked with a password, you might want to consider using a third-party application that encrypts the memory card to protect it from other hackers.

Krebs recommends using Secure File, which offers encryption for the camera in a way that’s not vulnerable to a hacker or a file with a strong password.

Secure File also offers the ability to download files that contain encryption keys that can only be read by the person that has access to those files.

Secure File is free and is available for both Windows and Android.

The app is available on the Google Play Store.

Katt Williams/CNetSecure File’s app also comes with a built-in password protection that encrypt the memory memory card for you.

If a hacker has a copy and has the ability access your camera, they can use that memory memory to encrypt the camera or other files.

That way, the attacker doesn’t have access directly to the cameras memory card but rather can download the encryption key and then decrypt the files in those files without having to open up the camera again.

Kremnitzer says that this encryption process takes around 30 seconds and that Secure File’s encryption will protect the camera for you for up to 90 days.

SecureFile’s software is free for Windows users and can be downloaded from the Google play store.

But if you want to encrypt your camera with a different application, you will have to pay.

Secure Files offers

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