Microsoft announced the first preview of the 2020 design suite at its Windows 10 developer conference today, and the software includes some of the most powerful and useful features you can think of.

For one, you can now create smart home devices with built-in sensors, smart lighting, and a lot more.

If you’ve got a smart thermostat that can tell you when it’s time to go to bed and when to go out, it can now do so.

If it can predict your mood and adjust the lighting accordingly, it’ll even let you turn on your favorite music, and you can even adjust your home’s thermostats.

The 2020 design program has been a long time coming, and Microsoft’s new smart home software is just the first in a long line of updates to the platform that will make the platform more like Windows itself.

If Microsoft can make this feature work with existing devices and apps, it’s going to be an interesting move for the company.

Microsoft also unveiled the first beta of a new home automation software suite that will let you control your home from a smartphone.

The new software comes with a bunch of new features, including a built-into-your-home control panel that can control the lighting, your music, the color of the curtains, and even your thermostatic settings.

Microsoft said it’s making the software available for free to developers, but you’ll have to pay for it.

In addition to the new home-control software, Microsoft also announced the 2020 Design suite as a free download for anyone who’s using Windows 10.

If that sounds like you, you’ll be able to download it for free on April 11. 

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