Google News Article Google News article Microsoft will begin selling new Windows software in India on Friday, in a move that will put pressure on rival Apple, which has struggled to keep up with Microsoft’s dominance of the PC market.

The company will begin offering Windows 10 mobile and Windows on the same day for customers in India, where Apple has made its mark with a slew of new mobile devices, including the Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad.

The new Windows on India initiative, Microsoft’s first in India since 2012, will see customers in both the Indian and US markets get the new operating system, which was announced last year. 

Microsoft has been aggressively marketing Windows 10 as a consumer-friendly operating system that is well suited to a growing number of users, who are increasingly moving from PCs to smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles.

Microsoft has long maintained its goal of becoming the first company to offer a universal operating system to all of its customers.

The goal has been to get all devices, whether Windows, iOS or Android, running the same software and that is now being achieved by making the operating system available for all devices.

Microsoft also has a strong foothold in India.

The Indian company was one of the first companies to make a deal with the Indian government, buying a controlling stake in the mobile service operator Telefonica in December.

In March, Microsoft acquired Indian developer Infosys for $26 billion, but it is unclear how much of the deal will be transferred to India.

Microsoft will also sell its software in multiple languages in India from the beginning of 2019. 

The new Windows Mobile operating system is expected to be available in the country by March, while the new Windows Pro will be available by the end of 2019, according to the company. 

It is also expected that Microsoft will offer both Windows 10 and Windows for Windows devices in India in 2020.

Microsoft’s announcement comes as the company is facing growing competition from Apple and Google.

Google has launched a slew.

Windows 10 on Android, for example, is currently available on the Google Play store for $9.99 a month. 

Apple is currently in a battle with Google over the iPhone 7.

Both the iPhone maker and the search giant have launched rival Android devices to compete against each other.

Apple’s iPhone 7 is expected in India by the middle of next year, but the device is not expected to go on sale until sometime in 2018. 

“We are building a Windows Store that is truly universal.

Our commitment to the cloud and the next generation of Windows is what will enable Windows to succeed in India,” said Joe Belfiore, head of Microsoft India.”

We look forward to delivering a compelling experience across all of our platforms.

We are excited to bring our most advanced apps to the Indian marketplace, as well as providing new ways for Indians to explore Windows 10,” he added.

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