Google’s new Android operating system is now officially the most popular in the world, and its iOS version is also growing in popularity.

Here’s what to know about it and how you can use it to make your Android devices more useful and useful for you.1.

It’s Android, and you can install it on a computer.

Google’s latest Android operating software is already available on nearly all devices, but Android’s biggest competitor, iOS, is not.

Instead, you need to get Android to run on a PC or Mac.

Android’s operating system comes with a set of tools for installing it, and Android’s developer community is pretty active on Github.2.

Android is now supported by more than 200 million devices.

Google’s own Android SDK (Software Development Kit) is used to develop the software, so you can just download and install Android.

Android apps on PCs, smartphones, tablets, and even connected TVs can run on Android, so that means Android devices can be used on those devices without a special app.

Google even offers a free trial of Android on the Google Play Store for users to try out.3.

Android 8.1 is now the most downloaded operating system on Google Play.

This year, Android 8 has surpassed iOS as the most used Android operating OS.

This means Android 8 is on a higher trajectory than the iOS version it replaced.

iOS has been the most installed OS in the US since 2012, and the number of devices running iOS has continued to increase.4.

Android has more than 80 million paid users.

Android users are the fastest growing segment of Android’s user base, and Google has been able to keep its iOS platform stable and stable by adding new features to Android.

For example, Android’s latest version of Google Maps and Google Now both have built-in features for users who don’t use an app, so they don’t have to go out and find a way to get to a destination.

Android 8 is available for both Android smartphones and tablets, so Android users will have more options than ever.5.

Android OS has been designed to run across different devices.

This is important to Android users, because Android’s OS has a lot of overlap with iOS’s iOS.

If you use an iPhone or iPad, your phone or tablet will have iOS’s default system and apps.

But if you use a Samsung phone, for example, you will be able to download iOS’s built-ins and applications, as well as Android’s apps.6.

Android comes with the latest version and most features.

Android phones are usually unlocked, so users can buy the most recent version of Android or upgrade to the most up-to-date version without having to worry about an update that breaks apps.

Android tablets can have a wide array of built- in apps that will work across a wide range of devices.7.

Android devices run faster than iOS devices.

Android smartphones are typically faster than iPhones, and tablets are typically slower than Apple devices.

However, Android devices have a large amount of memory, which can speed up the overall system speed when used in combination with other software.8.

Android and Apple have different operating systems.

Android runs on top of a Linux kernel, while Apple’s OS is built around an Apple-developed operating system called OS X. If either of these operating systems comes with Android, you’ll have to install it.9.

Google uses Android for its Maps app.

Maps is used in many Android devices as a location-based search engine, and this makes Android’s iOS app a great way to find the nearest restaurant, store, and other nearby services.

The iOS version of the app is a little less useful than Android’s Maps app, but Google’s iOS apps are still a great place to start when it comes to locating restaurants, stores, and more.10.

Android 7.1, 8.x, and 9.x are free.

If your Android device doesn’t come with Android OS installed, it’s available for download.

You can download Android 8 for $9.99 and Android 7 for $19.99, and for a limited time, you can get Android 8 and Android 9 for $29.99.11.

You don’t need to install a separate Android operating or Android app to run Android on your PC or mobile device.

The Android SDK is used for this, so Google is not required to create an Android OS for every device it sells.12.

Android allows you to create your own apps for your Android phone.

You’ll be able create a new app for your phone, with the option to upload your app to Google Play, and it will automatically be installed.

There’s no need to open up an app manager on your phone.

If there are apps that you want to use on your device, you simply go to Settings > Applications > Google Play and choose the app.

This can be a good way to add extra functionality or just for fun.13

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