How to use Apple’s SwiftKey to do a real-time password re-encryption with your iPhone 5S and iPad Pro 4G (2018)

Software developer SwiftKey is adding a new feature to its iOS app called Passcode Lock.The feature lets you enter your password into an iPhone 5 or iPad Pro, then use a Passcode-protected iPhone to unlock your device.SwiftKey says that the new feature is similar to the one found in Android's Passcode lock, but it adds new security features and a

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How to buy a car with Open Source Software (OS)

India is the latest country to roll out the new open source car rental system, which has been touted as a way for developers to sell their software on the open market.GK61 software is a software platform that connects car rental apps with the vehicle's sensors and provides drivers with the ability to check the availability of the vehicle and

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